Thursday, 8 November 2012

2012 Gujarati New Year: 2069 Vikram Samvat Padwa Day Celebrations


In Gujarat each year new year comes earlier in Kartik month. It is the first month of the Gujarat Calendar so that the 1st (ekam) is a day for the celebration of Gujarati New Year. It is a 4th day of celebration of Diwali. This year it comes on 14th November 2012, Wednesday. Vikram Samvat 2069 will be start and 2068 will end on Diwali day. The festival of light is been more popular in Gujarat with Laxmi Pooja, Govardhan Pooja and Chopda Poojan as well. The day of gujarati new year is also known as Padwa.

Gujarati Bestu Varas:
The Gujarati new year is been also known as Bestu Varas. It is the gujarati pronunciation of new year. The day if for the celebrations and gujarati people are known to do so. The wear tradition by wearing new cloth, greet relatives, family members and get the blessing of their elders. Fire Crackers are there to celebrate a new year. Bestu Varas is time to forget all the pains, sufferings and memories of past year and to start New Year with new beginnings. People of Gujarat do rangoli at their entrances and greet the people comes their home. It’s a celebration of families, friends and relatives. Shop keepers do the startup Pooja on that day to start a new year by worshipping god.
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  1. i guess its same like nepali official calendar which is currently vikram sambat 2069. but only thing that differs is nepali calendar starts in vaishakh. there's no historical evidence how vikram sambat started in Nepal if anybody knows plz share.


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